It’s time
for great ideas.

Set it up, switch it on and start working
The intuitive control concept makes the PLL 2 incredibly easy to handle.

With the PLL 2, you can project your ideas precisely on the wall.
Make your home look better with a unique clock. The Bosch PLL 2 Cross Line Laser can be used to precisely project laser lines onto the wall vertically, horizontally and at any angle. This makes masking and painting exceptionally quick and easy to do. Without the hassle of marking lines with a ruler and spirit level – and without damaging the wall.

This laser
has class.

This means that the laser line always precisely aligns itself horizontally and/or vertically.

Verticals and horizontals are 100% correct with the PLL 2.
Be it decoration, renovation or maintenance: with the Bosch PLL 2 Cross Line Laser you will be perfectly prepared – even when going from A to Z, for example with a self-made scrabble text you can use as wall decoration.

Discover the PLL 2

Straight lines
at any angle.

The all-purpose instrument
Including self-levelling laser cross and laser lines, incline function with angle display and integrated spirit level function.

Angle display on the instrument
The PLL 2 is the first cross line laser to display the angle of the laser line that is projected onto the wall.

View the PLL 2 in detail

Make it
your home.

Make it your home
with the PLL 2 Cross Line Laser. The perfect assistant for decorating, renovating and maintenance.

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